Transform your doubt into Trust

A 5-module, pre-recorded course to teach you about your inner-workings and take you on a journey towards more trust in your actions and sense of self

Hi, I'm Maya. Soul Alchemist and Psychotherapist

I work with hundreds of people to help them transform their lives and this course is designed for you to develop practices that you can do at home.

What is unique about me is that I have also worked as a clown for 20 years and bring my resources around the inner fool and sacred clown into my work. I believe that play and courage are foundations for transformation.

I also believe that within each of us lie innate tools of wisdom, healing and truth.

We can each find ways of developing confidence, and this course is geared towards you encountering yourself in a new way that allows for you to:

  • Develop an understanding of your fears and doubts through direct experience
  • Learn to trust your intuitive knowing and forge more depth with your higher Self as a guide
  • Identify your triggers and find ways of taking care of yourself through challenges

This course will be pre-recorded and Self-led, and I will also be holding live sessions throughout the year. Each module will have a video recording of me guiding you through deep meditations and visualizations .

I will also supply you with written information, homework , journaling prompts, practices to integrate, a musical playlist, suggestions on journals, teas and ways of creating intentional space, all so that you can be in your own “Self-laboratory” contained and resourced to have a powerful journey.

A taste of the video recordings...

Course Themes:

Module 1: The Molt  - Get to know yourself during transition 

Module 2: The Void - Get to know your doubt

Module 3: The Dark Night - Get to know your shadow

Module 4: Fool’s Gold - Get to know your inner fool

Module 5: The Gilded Vessel- Get to know your integrated Self

Ready to alchemize trust in your Self and on your path?

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your life is calling for.